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Online Bill Pay

With just a few mouse clicks, you can send money from your account to anyone. You’ll find you have more control of your money than ever before. Remember, with powerful, multi-level internet security systems at Interstate Credit Union, your money and financial information are always safe and secure. We’ll help you get up and running, and if you ever have a question, just call 1-800-822-1124.

To get started, log in to Internet Banking and click on Personal Options, then Enroll.

Statements Online

Be smart. From now on, get your  Statements Online.

Experts say that identity theft  often begins with mail theft. But now with Statements Online, you have the option of viewing and printing out free  electronic versions of your checking and savings statements 24/7 from the Interstate Credit Union  website.

On the first of every month,  you’ll receive an email reminding you to check your  statements.  You can even access previous months’ statements if you want.  And of course, with  your password and multiple security safeguards,  your money and account data are always safe.

To enroll, logon to Internet Banking, and under the Self  Service tab click on Statements Online.

Questions?  We’re happy to help; just call 1-800-822-1124.

Notices Online

Be smart. From now on, get your Notices Online.

Traditionally, notices of certificate maturity and renewal, non-sufficient  funds, overdrafts and delinquency are snail mailed and take about a week to  receive. But now with Notices Online, you have the option of viewing free  electronic versions of your notices 24/7 from the Interstate Credit Union website the same day they are generated.

On the day a notice is generated,  you’ll receive an email notifying you of the notice. You can even access previous notices if you want. And of course, with your password and multiple  security safeguards, your money and account data are always safe.

To enroll,  logon to Internet Banking,  and under the Self Service tab click on Notices Online.

Questions? We’re happy  to help; just call 1-800-822-1124

Mobile Banking

Now you can access Internet Banking and Bill Pay  from anywhere with your cell phone.

To enroll, login to Internet Banking and under the  Self  Service tab click on Mobile Banking. It’s free.

Balance Services

We want you to achieve your financial goals! Whether it’s  reducing debt, saving for higher education, buying your first home, or planning  for retirement, we can help with our BALANCE Financial Fitness Program. Through  BALANCE, you have access to free, unbiased money management information and  assistance.

Financial Planning & Education

Member Discounts

Shared Branching

Identity Theft Information

TruStage Auto & Home Insurance

Cashier Checks

VISA Gift Cards

Notary Public Service

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